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I live for conversations with people about the things that make their eyes light up.

They often happen when you least expect – in parking lots, on beaches, at coffee shops, during long drives. Far-fetched dreams and wild ideas get tossed into the air like sparks about to start a wildfire that will change everything.

Writing and being creative in general are the things that have always made my eyes light up. It all started at age eight, when I wrote a story called The Adventures of Super Dog, complete with colored pencil illustrations and a scene about the main character taking his cape to the dry cleaner. I then decided I’d like to keep writing for the rest of my life. Turning writing into my career seemed like the best way to do this. It was a simple beginning, but the journey to make this happen took me on a long adventure full of twists I never could have planned.

The rest of my childhood was a sprawl of homemade magazines, messy sketchbooks, and handwritten piano compositions. I started a surprisingly successful cake pop business in middle school, complete with its own website. By the time college rolled around, I began to hush the dreamy creator in me, convinced creativity was trivial. I needed to spend my life doing something worthwhile – something that could never be as effortless as getting lost in a story or painting. I pursued five different majors. When all was said and done, I finally circled back around to writing as a journalism major. I was back in my element when I lived on an island for an internship at a magazine one summer. Today, I find myself writing for lifestyle magazines and pursuing a master’s degree in counseling.

The truth that set me free on this journey was the truth that creativity can change the world. Creativity is far from trivial – it’s a calling. I can use it to serve God and to serve others. The reason I love stories, paintings, movies, and songs is because they change me. They show me the world in a new way. They make me think and dream. They never leave me the same. What better way is there to change the world than to change one person at a time?

If your story is a hodge-podge like mine, where the lines between creativity, career, and changing the world get blurry, you’re in the right place. What is the thing that makes your eyes light up? Whether it’s writing stories, filming videos, planning events, painting canvases, designing houses, or anything in between, I want to encourage and inspire you on your own adventure to turn it into a career. It is worth it to spend your life chasing this calling.

Whatever you do, keep following the light in your eyes.

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