When I was eight, I wrote a story called The Adventures of Super Dog, followed by the sequel, The Evil Cat’s Side of the Story. I then decided I’d like to keep writing stories for the rest of my life. I haven’t looked back.

I like made up stories. I like real ones. I like when you can’t quite tell if they’re real or made up. I like listening to my friend tell me about the imaginary world he dreamed up with glowing eyes. I like listening to my uncle tell funny anecdotes from his days in the military over uncontrollable laughter.

Our lives are composed of little stories about what we’ve done, seen, imagined, and learned – our adventures.

In adventures, there are highs and lows. There are scary times carefully navigating dark jungles. There are breathtaking times of peace, gazing at the mountain view ahead. All the times are part of the adventure and they all make good stories. Embracing this risky life of adventure means you never know what’s going to happen next and, quite honestly, you can’t control it. I’ve found that the only option is to let go and trust the One who holds it all: God. In letting go of myself and the way I thought things should be, I’ve found the freedom all true adventurers seek. Christ invites us into a life of freedom – a life of being fully alive. When I started to live life for Him, the true adventure began.

Half the fun is sharing it all. This is where the storytelling comes in.

I like to document my adventures with words and pictures. Blog posts, Instagram photos, scribbled notebooks, and Polaroid prints all get the job done. Consider this a collection of my ventures to learn, explore, and be creative on the way. You’ll find life lessons, travel inspiration, craft projects, and lots of wordplay in between.

My name is Michaela and these are my stories: The Adventures of Mic.