When I was eight, I wrote a story called The Adventures of Super Dog.

It was illustrated on white copy paper with colored pencils, the plot was anticlimactic, and I believe there were several pages about Super Dog going to the dry cleaner to get his cape cleaned (just keeping it real). To be fair, the characterization made up for it. I then decided I’d like to keep writing for the rest of my life. The sequel, The Evil Cat’s Side of the Story, was released shortly after.  

Eight-year-old me, who thought to include a scene at the dry cleaner in between flights to save the day, was on to something. The ordinary, everyday moments like this are just as much a part of the adventure. To me, living a life of adventure means living life to the fullest, whether your adventure looks more like crossing off bucket list items on a trip around the world or living everyday life in the city you grew up in. 

We say living life to the fullest means “living in the present” or “living our best lives,” but I realized I’m not sure what those phrases really mean. On this blog, I want to document all the experiences, places, and ideas that make me feel like I’m living life to the fullest so maybe we can piece this whole thing together. The one thing I know for sure about the full life? It’s only possible when I live my life with God. A life of lack looks like chasing everything else I think will bring me satisfaction and soon realizing it’s a wild goose chase. Life only starts to feel whole and vibrant when He is at the center of it all, getting the glory and giving the meaning.

I’m pursuing a career in writing, but this blog is a playground for my creativity when I get burnt out on writing professionally (if you’re curious, you can view my professional portfolio here). On the blog, you’ll find essays (not the boring kind you wrote in school, but stories from my life and what I learned from them), travel guides, and do-it-yourself guides to inspire you to live life to the fullest.

Here are the stories from my adventures — dry cleaner scenes included. My name is Michaela and these are The Adventures of Mic.